Here you’ll find answers to the questions we get asked most frequently about attending the

Castle Hill Physiotherapy &  Sports Injuries Centre.

At Castle Hill Physiotherapy & Sports Injuries Centre we believe that safe and effective personalised physiotherapy flows from a comprehensive assessment consultation that accurately identifies the underlying factors contributing to your specific problem/s. The clinical reasoning process takes time, great care and skill.


At the initial assessment consultation, our experienced musculoskeletal physiotherapist will take a detailed history, perform a thorough physical examination, explain their findings and make recommendations. After gaining your informed consent, they will also provide appropriate treatment and honest advice. An assessment consultation is required for each new episode of care, or if it has been longer than 6 months since your last visit.


At subsequent appointments, your response to treatment will be reassessed and treatment will be progressed.


For physiotherapy management of complex presentations involving multiple areas, an extended physiotherapy consultation is required.


>  Assessment Consultation  – please allow a minimum of 40 minutes

>  Subsequent Consultation  – please allow a minimum of 20 minutes

>  Extended Consultation       – please allow a minimum of 40 minutes

Physiotherapists are highly trained primary (or first point of contact) health care providers and a referral from your GP is generally not required.


However, if you have seen a doctor, a medical specialist, or another health care provider and you have any recent reports or investigations, we would appreciate it if you could bring these documents along to your first consultation for our consideration. Please also bring a list of any medications you are currently taking.


Private health funds do not require a referral from a GP to provide a rebate for physiotherapy services.


GP referrals are required for all patients being treated under Work Cover or Chronic Disease Management Plan (formerly Enhanced Primary Care or EPC) arrangements. Details from these referrals will be required by our reception prior to your first consultation.

Yes. We can usually make a HICAPS electronic claim from your private health fund on the spot.


If, however, for any reason we are unable to make a claim for you at the time of your consultation, we will provide you with a detailed receipt that will enable you to make a claim directly from your private health fund provider, at a later stage.

Private health fund rebates for physiotherapy services vary considerably. Please contact your fund directly and provide the following claiming codes to be advised of your rebate.


Assessment consultation  (Code 500)
Subsequent consultation  (Code 505)
Extended consultation       (Code 506)

Yes. We value your time. To provide every patient with the highest possible physiotherapy care, our experienced musculoskeletal physiotherapists commit to providing you with their full one-on-one attention.


We operate strictly by appointment and make every effort to run as close as possible to your scheduled appointment time.


We ask you, our valued clients, for the same respect. It is very important that you arrive on time for your appointment and that you provide adequate notice (minimum 6 business hours) if you are unable to attend. No shows, late-comers and last minute cancellations impact negatively on our ability to provide a high quality service and deny us the opportunity to help others in need.


If you arrive late, but within your appointment time slot, we will provide limited treatment in your remaining appointment time. You will be charged in full for your appointment.


All patients (including Work Cover and Medicare CDMP) are personally responsible for full payment of missed appointments, or where less than the minimum 6 business hours’ notice is provided.


Please do not rely on SMS or phone reminders, these are provided as a courtesy and are not fail proof. You are responsible for remembering your appointment. 


We reserve the right to request pre-payment from clients who have a history of cancelling late, or failing to attend scheduled appointments.

Yes. A NSW Government ‘Certificate of capacity/certificate of fitness’ referral from your GP is required prior to receiving physiotherapy treatment for all work-related claims.


Please ensure that you report any work-related injuries to your employer as soon as practical, and seek review from a doctor who will determine if referral for physiotherapy treatment is appropriate for your condition.


We will need you to provide us with your:

> GP referral/Workcover Certificate of Capacity

> Relevant details of your insurer (claim number, case manager, contact details)


If all these details are provided correctly, we will seek approval to invoice your insurer directly for you.


For treatment of a subsequent recurrence of a work-related injury, or to change your treating physiotherapist for a work-related condition, a current NSW Government ‘Certificate of capacity/certificate of fitness’ referral from your GP and approval from your insurer will be required prior to commencing further treatment.


We commit to keeping you fully informed regarding the status of your work-related claim.

Yes. A GP can refer patients with a chronic disease for physiotherapy treatment which attracts a rebate from Medicare. Up to a maximum of five (5) physiotherapy sessions per calendar year can be provided, and referrals are valid for 12 months from the date of issue.


Please advise reception if you have a CDMP (or EPC) referral at the time of booking your appointment. This allows our administration team to set-up your patient file with all the information required to facilitate claiming your rebate from Medicare at the time of your consultation.


We ask that you pay for your physiotherapy treatment in full at the time of your consultation. In most cases, we can process your Medicare rebate on the same day through our Hicaps machine if you have your Medicare card and an EFTPOS card attached to a savings or cheque account. If, however, for any reason we are unable to make a claim for you at the time of your consultation, we can provide you with a detailed receipt so you can make a claim directly from Medicare at a later stage.


The rebate from Medicare usually does not cover the full cost of your treatment. You will need to contact Medicare to be advised what your rebate entitlement will be, as this amount varies depending upon individual circumstances.

We are located in Suite 4, on the ground floor of No.1 Terminus Street, Castle Hill, 2154. Our building is on the corner of Terminus Street and Crane Road, Castle Hill (behind Castle Mall).


The practice is within walking distance of Castle Hill’s Metro station and bus exchange.


Limited parking is available on site.
Entry to the carpark is via a driveway on Crane Road, Castle Hill.
Please respect other tenants by parking only in bays clearly signposted PHYSIO ONLY (located to the right-hand side as you enter the carpark) or VISITOR (located on the furthest left-hand side bay as you enter the carpark).


Alternatively, there is street parking nearby within a short walking distance to the practice.


Please allow adequate time for your safe arrival during peak traffic periods which are usually before and after work/school hours.

To assess your problem, our experienced musculoskeletal physiotherapists will need to perform a physical examination. Where exposure of the site of injury requires disrobing, we provide gowns and towels for draping. Alternatively, please wear loose comfortable clothing, or bring shorts or singlet tops, to change into if you prefer.


Your comfort, privacy and modesty are a priority to us and will be fully respected at all times.